Graduate Certificate in Anatomical Sciences Instruction

The graduate certificate in anatomical sciences instruction will provide a coherent, integrated approach to helping graduate students, postdoctoral scholars, residents, and others develop and document the skills needed in order to effectively teach the anatomical sciences.

This 12-credit-hour certificate, including a required 3-credit-hour supervised practicum experience, provides basic competency in graduate-level anatomical sciences instruction and provides participants with documentation of their abilities. The certificate is to be accessible to participants from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds and will provide practical, hands-on anatomy coursework and instructional mentoring.

The certificate will produce graduates who are highly competitive in the job market, as the numbers of individuals able to provide graduate-level instruction in the anatomical sciences is well below crisis level.

Participants who are pursuing graduate degrees may apply for admission to the certificate early in their course of graduate studies.

Graduate Certificate Associates:

  • Sam Franklin, PhD
  • Richard Grondin, PhD
  • April Richardson Hatcher, PhD
  • Brian MacPherson, PhD
  • Kristen Platt, PhD
  • Katie Salmeron, PhD

Graduate Certificate Director:

April Richardson Hatcher, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Neuroscience
MN 212 Chandler Medical Center
Phone: (859) 323-4907


For Participants

  • Provides documentation of educational accomplishment and ability.
  • Provides practical development of skills and resources necessary for a career involving anatomical sciences instruction.

For Department

  • Assist with the paucity of qualified teaching faculty in anatomy courses.
  • Improve the job placement for our graduates.
  • Provide recognition for graduate student professional development in teaching-related efforts.
  • Provide recognition for faculty members participating in the certificate program.
  • Provide additional resources and avenues for TA development.

For the University of Kentucky

  • Improve undergraduate, graduate, and professional student instruction.
  • Demonstrate the institution’s commitment to student development and preparedness in areas of need.
  • Enhance our reputation as a progressive university that offers novel programs and experiences for students and faculty.
  • Strengthen UK’s reputation as an institution that fosters quality instruction.