Knowledge and attitudes toward dental avulsion of public and private elementary schoolteachers.

Higher dispersion efficacy of functionalized carbon nanotubes in chemical and biological environments.

Evaluative study of nursing consultation in the basic networks of Curitiba, Brazil .

Analysis of a municipal program of uterine cervical neoplasm prevention .

Catalyst and chirality dependent growth of carbon nanotubes determined through nano-test tube chemistry.

Raman and FT-IR studies on dye-assisted dispersion and flocculation of single walled carbon nanotubes.

The growth of silica and silica-clad nanowires using a solid-state reaction mechanism on Ti, Ni and SiO(2) layers.

Laser-assisted hydrothermal growth of size-controlled ZnO nanorods for sensing applications.

Giant cell tumor of the sternum.

Mycobacterium leprae downregulates the expression of PHEX in Schwann cells and osteoblasts.