Arginase I expression and activity in human mononuclear cells after injury.

Coordinated post-transcriptional regulation of Hsp70.3 gene expression by microRNA and alternative polyadenylation.

Alterations in arginine metabolic enzymes in trauma.

Myeloid-specific IκB kinase β deficiency decreases atherosclerosis in low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice.

Telemedicine: a solution to the followup of rural trauma patients?

Pregnane X receptor mediates dyslipidemia induced by the HIV protease inhibitor amprenavir in mice.

Minimally invasive retrieval of a foreign body after penetrating lung injury.

The routine use of sonography in penetrating torso injury is beneficial.

Bisphenol A increases atherosclerosis in pregnane X receptor-humanized ApoE deficient mice.

Surgery induces human mononuclear cell arginase I expression.